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First Stop "The Heart of Jesus"

One of the first scenes in the book takes place at a teen cancer support group meeting and is described as "The Support Group....met every Wednesday in the basement of a stone walled Episcopal church shaped like a cross.  We all sat in a circle right in the middle of the cross, where the two boards would have met, where the heart of Jesus would have been."

That church would most likely be St. Paul's Episcopal church located at 6050 N. Meridian Street.  

It is in the right part of Indianapolis, it is shaped like a cross, and it has a circular driveway behind the church just as Hazel describes.

Here is a photo of the front of the church that looks toward the intersection of Meridian Street and Kessler Avenue.

This is an impressive church whose congregation dates back to 1866 when the church was located in downtown Indianapolis.

The church moved to it's new location just after World War II with renovations to the church being made in 2006/2007.  There is impressive stained glass throughout the church.

The church is lengthy with additional seating set up in this area behind the traditional pews.

The altar and pipe organ area is absolutely magnificent.  There are audio files of the choir and organ on their website:

Looking back from the front of the church to the back.

While the church does have a basement it is used for storage, not teen cancer support meetings.

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  1. In one of John's videos he said the inspiration for the church was from college. That would mean the church he was talking about in TFIOS was the church at Kenyon College. I've been there myself, it is shaped like a cross which with an opening in the "heart of Jesus."

  2. yeah @whiz i agree with you:)