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Readers of The Fault in Our Stars certainly know that a pivotal portion of the book takes place in Amsterdam.  I'll be honest; this was not in our vacation budget.  However, thanks to google images there's no reason why we can't look at pictures and pretend that we went there.  

Most of the action takes place in four places:

  1. The Hotel Filosoof
  2. The Oranjee
  3. Peter Van Houten's Home
  4. Anne Frank House
No such place as the Oranjee restaurant exists so no photos can be adopted from google's vast array of purloined images.  There is however, an Oranje Hotel in Amsterdam on the outskirts of the red light district and while they do serve breakfast they do not provide lunch or dinner.  I know this only from my internet research--I have not secretly flown off to have breakfast at value-priced hotel in walking proximity to the retail sex markets in Amsterdam.

And, as Peter Van Houten is a fictitious, I don't need to spend time trying to find his townhouse.  

So that leaves the Hotel Filosoof which is a real location:

The Lobby Staircase

Assorted Rooms:

And now on to the Anne Frank House

If you're familiar with Amsterdam you'll know right where the blue house in the above image is but for the rest of us our imaginations can run wild with the historical significance of the buildings in this district in general as we grimly focus on the very specific significance of the Anne Frank house.

Below is the bookcase which concealed the secret entry into the Frank's cramped living quarters.

The bookcase opening to reveal the entryway.

The first set of stairs that Hazel Grace had to overcome

The room that Anne shared with dentist Fritz Pfeffer.  You can see the blackout curtains over the windows.

The staircase leading to the room where the van Pels family lived that Hazel described as "essentially a glorified ladder".

Anne's writing desk, pen set, and diary--replica's no doubt.

Seeing these photos makes we want to visit the house but more importantly the photos make me want to re-read the Anne Frank Diary as it has been over 40 years since I did so.  I am a firm believer that we should remember history so that we do not repeat it and the evil that swelled up during WWII is a prime example of what should not be forgotten.


  1. Confession: Back when I read the book I searched Google Maps for the restaurant & Peter Van Houten's address to see the Street View. I don't recall the name/address of the cafe I looked at, but it seemed to make sense as the location.
    That said, I can't thank you enough for this photo trip. I can't help feeling I'm more likely to see Amsterdam someday than Indiana!

  2. John has described in videos before which restaurant he based Oranjee off of. The address of Van Houten's townhouse is also in the book and a real address.
    Thanks so much for putting all of this together!

  3. This is amazing! It's like The Fault in Our Stars coming to life and I just love it! I hope to go to Amsterdam and see the places Gus and Hazel saw. This is so cool!

  4. Try searching Google Maps for 3 Buiksloterweg, Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands. I just found some cafe's and restaurant that could be it.

    1. Also, you can see the red light district from across the water.
      Red Light District Amsterdam Apartments, Monnikenstraat, De Wallen, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    2. Or it could be here: 62 Geldersekade, Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands which is closer to the Red Light District.

  5. Going to amsterdam with school next year... hoping to see some of these places for myself!

  6. For what I researched, this place fits to the described place, maybe?
    There's a coffe called Oranje.

    Bilderdijkstraat 216 1053

  7. Even though Peter van Houten doesn't exist, the Vonderstraat 156 does :) Also Vondelpark is very lovely in summer. Also the Dutch National Film Museum exists, Hazel and Augustus visited a cafe there. Here's a picture of the building:
    however it's location has recently been moved but the building should still be there.

  8. Michaela Anne Brook! You need to calm down!

  9. I was in Amsterdam last week with my school and it was absolutely amazing!The only tfios place i went was Anna Frank House and it is truly fascinating,i really recommend you all to visit this magnificent city (:

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  12. Thank you - we are off to Amsterdam next week and this has saved us time wasted in trying to find the restaurant! Sometimes - as in Sex and the City, the places are real.
    Lovely informative item.

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  14. I lovee Amsterdam, I've been here few times, and every vacation was such perfect as I want. I got lots inspiration in the Van Gogh Museum. And I also like the city, some tiny and comfortable places! :)
    Thank's for your helpful review and such awesome vacation ideas! Wish you luck! :)