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Funky Bones

At one point in the story Augustus takes Hazel to a Dutch themed picnic.  The location is a secret but soon Hazel sees that they are in route to the Indianapolis Museum of Art where Augustus and Hazel head for the "Funky Bones" Sculpture.  "We drove right past the museum and parked right next to this basketball court filled with huge red and blue arcs that imagined the path of a bouncing ball."

"We walked down what passes for a hill in Indianapolis to this clearing where kids were climbing all over this huge oversize skeleton sculpture."

"Two things I love about this sculpture," Augustus said...."First, the bones are just far enough apart that if you're a kid you cannot resist the urge to jump between them.  Like you just have to jump from rib cage to skull."

The Indianapolis Museum of Art is a wonderful museum but there are also many outdoor exhibits with gardens, the 26 acre historic Oldfields-Lilly estate and gardens, the Modernist Miller House and Gardens, and 100 Acres: The Virginia B. Fairbanks Art and Nature Park.  The 100 Acres is where you will find the "Free Basket" basketball sculpture and the "Funky Bones".

The Indianapolis Museum of Art sits on the northwest corner of Michigan Road and 38th Street.  Go past the main entrance on 38th street and pull in at the 100 Acres entrance.

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  1. Fun Trivia: The Yeti, John's wife, is a curator at the IMA and helped bring the Funky Bones to the museum.

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  3. I'm a part-time wheelchair user, and I visited The Funky Bones this past summer. The entire time I was bumping down that gravel drive (and getting stuck) I was wondering how Hazel managed to drag an oxygen tank all that way.

    I eventually stood up and used my cane as my boyfriend pushed my chair. ;)